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Excuse my telegraphic style here but I am writing this on my iPhone.

Gerard Galucci. Photo - R. Krstinic

Seems that the crisis in northern Kosovo created by Pristina’s polce invasion – it’s special units sent to seize the two boundary posts is being resolved. The northern Serb community reacted on strength to block the roads and there has been only a few reports of gunfire. It could have been worse.

EULEX denied it was involved in the police action by the Albanians and the EU said that unilateral actions were not the way to do things. Pristina says it gave EULEX a chance to take the northern posts to enforce it’s blockage of Serbian goods. As EULEX failed to act, Pristina ordered it’s police into action.

Problem here is that Pristina was evidently able to launch it’s police without EULEX even being aware. EULEX is at the least asleep on the job or perhaps quietly complicit. Real peacekeeping would require using the executive authority granted it by the UN in 2008.

KFOR is no better. It is supposed to prevent security problems and contain or reverse provocations such as Pristina’s police ploy.

Belgrade has appealed to the UN, EULEX, etc. Instead it may have to ask the UNSC to reinsert UN police and genuine UN peacekeeping

Gerard Gallucci, 28.07.2011.

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